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Respironics Releases LoFlo™ Sidestream CO2 Sensor

MURRYSVILLE, Pa., April, 2006 – Respironics, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS Symbol: RESP) introduces the new LoFlo™ Sidestream CO2 Sensor. The LoFlo Sensor is the ideal low sampling rate capnography solution for monitoring intubated and non-intubated adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. The LoFlo Sidestream Sensor is based on our CAPNOSTAT® 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor technology and uses sophisticated infrared absorption spectroscopy. It measures End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2) and respiration rate, at a new low sample rate of 50 ml/minute.

LoFlo incorporates a miniaturized, PC board and sampling pump inside the sensor housing. This eliminates the need for an internal PC board in a host monitor, conserves space and makes implementation easy. Because the LoFlo Sidestream Sensor is built using the same electronics as the CAPNOSTAT 5 Sensor, users can easily switch between the two, and “Plug & Play” with either or both CO2 technologies based on their specific patient requirements. Its compact and lightweight size enables the sensor to be easily mounted or left as part of the monitoring cabling.

The LoFlo Sensor’s uniquely designed sample cell is permanently attached to the disposable sampling accessories rather than housed inside of the module, eliminating potential contamination due to excessive water or patient secretions. The patented design enables continuous protection of the measurement bench. It helps provide maximum reliability and facilitates: reduced maintenance; maximized monitor utilization; and minimized overall cost of ownership.

According to Philip Nuzzo, Vice President of OEM and Business Development, Respironics Critical Care, “The introduction of the LoFlo Sidestream CO2 Sensor solidifies Respironics’ position as the global leader in capnography while advancing ETCO2 technology to a new level. The “Plug & Play” interchangeability between the LoFlo sidestream and CAPNOSTAT 5 mainstream technologies provides our OEM customers with the ability to offer their customers the most flexible CO2 solution available on the market today. This solution ensures respiratory monitoring capabilities that provide invaluable benefits for patients and their caregivers both now and in the future.”

The LoFlo™ Sidestream CO2 Sensor joins the Respironics family of other OEM technologies, including the CAPNOSTAT® 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor, FloTrak™ Respiratory Mechanics Module, and other respiratory monitoring products such as the NICO2® Respiratory Profile Monitor and the Tidal Wave® Handheld CO2 Capnograph, both available for private label applications. Respironics also provides comprehensive engineering, clinical and marketing support services to assist its OEM customers.

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About Respironics

Respironics’ Sleep and Home Respiratory Group is recognized worldwide for its continuous stream of medical innovations and advancements in the management of sleep disorders, chronic respiratory problems, and neonatal and pediatric care. The Group integrates state-of-the-art technology in diagnostics, therapy and monitoring with strategic problems to help health care providers, sleep centers and pediatric units care for patients efficiently and cost-effectively.

Respironics is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative products and programs that serve the global sleep and respiratory markets. Focusing on emerging market needs, the Company is committed to providing valued solutions to help improve outcomes for patients, clinicians and health care providers. Respironics markets its products in 131 countries and employs over 4,500 associates worldwide. Further information can be found on the Company’s Web site: global.respironics.com.

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